We select High-Tech companies, primarily in Silicon Valley, with the following profile:

  • World-class founding team and senior executives
  • De-risked ground-breaking technology, materialized in commercial products
  • Meaningful portfolio of customer’s engagements and references
  • Committed group of top tier venture capitalists and PE investors
  • Solid development plan conducive of high valuation multiples in the medium term


Our investment process and management consists in:

  • Doing extensive due diligence to assess the competitive positioning, the market potential, the valuation and the value creation potential in coming years
  • Negotiating the Term Sheet, including pricing and board position
  • Establishing a SPV to aggregate funding
  • Promoting the opportunity to invest in our SPV, through our International network of investment advisors
  • Managing the SPV through a dedicated wholly owned Management company

Value To Investors

  • Access attractive private equity stage opportunities that would otherwise be very difficult to access
  • Potential for extra-ordinary investment multiples
  • No direct exposure to the company which may well suit the CFIUS and other regulations constraint for foreign investors

Value To Company

  • Obviously additional cash for implementing their development plans
  • Addition of a financial strategic investor
  • Agave Partners Capital’s experience and connections for international business development