Fund (AI+X) is a San Francisco Bay Area Fund investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies built on the convergence of multiple disciplines (X) for enhancing human capacities.

Our interdisciplinary target sets our portfolio apart from the growing horde of startups which use deep learning to extract empirical rules out of big data sets to improve existing applications. Instead, we are investing in companies which utilize AI in conjunction with scientific discoveries and/or engineering innovations, because they are the most prone to massive disruptions and therefore massive value creation, as demonstrated by the success stories of such AI companies as DeepMind and Cruise Automation.

Moreover, as success is all about people, there is a founder’s advantage to AI interdisciplinary companies because they generally are founded by entrepreneurs who have the vision, the will, the deep knowledge and the impetus to make a big difference in their domain or in the world.

Furthermore, our market focus is on high impact application domains including process automation, automobile, machine vision, enhanced reality, advanced manufacturing, robotics, IOT and smart cities. These domains offer important and obvious advantages by being highly digitalized and therefore ready to adopt and invest in AI, where other domains, like traditional media companies, are least likely to increase investments in digital transformation and therefore in AI. More importantly these are domains where major progress are driven by AI, conducive to improvements in productivity of industrial companies, of significant impact on the GDP of developed countries, of major societal and human changes.

In summary, our investment strategy is targeting interdisciplinary AI opportunities founded by entrepreneurs with a real vision and a big ambition, focusing on application domains having a major economic, societal or human impact.